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Federal Carbide Company

Tel : 86-577-67329293
Fax : 86-577-67320278

Zhejiang Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd. is a fully integrated manufacturing organization. From the selection of premium raw materials to the precision finishing and polishing of complex parts, It performs all process steps within its own. Modern equipment, highly motivated personnel, and unique manufacturing efficiencies result in low costs and short lead times allowing it to provide its customers with exceptional service and value. Serving production tooling and OEM equipment manufacturers since 1993, It is often capable of resolving customer emergencies within a few days...   More>>

Zhejiang Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd.Central Industrial Zone, Wenzhou,Zhejiang,China
TEL: 86-577-67329293 FAX: 86-577-67320278 • .