about us

Zhejiang Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd. is a fully integrated manufacturing organization. From the selection of premium raw materials to the precision finishing and polishing of complex parts, It performs all process steps within its own. Modern equipment, highly motivated personnel, and unique manufacturing efficiencies result in low costs and short lead times allowing it to provide its customers with exceptional service and value. Serving production tooling and OEM equipment manufacturers since 1993, It is often capable of  resolving customer emergencies within a few days.

production capabilities include direct pressing to near net shapes, CNC performing of as-pressed blanks to minimize stock removal after sintering, state-of-the-art pressure-assisted (sinter-HIP) furnaces to assure consistently high strength and toughness values, and fully automated CNC finishing to close tolerances and superior finishes. Rigorous approval standards, one of the best-equipped metallurgical labs in the industry, and a highly experienced staff combine to make us to be a very important company in the production of tungsten alloy and carbide products.


Cemented carbide products are the hardest man-made metal-matrix composites. These materials possess a unique combination of properties that have allowed manufacturers across a broad spectrum of industries to increase throughput rates, reduce downtime, and extend the life of production tools and component wear parts.

Zhejiang Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd offers a full range of carbide grades in both cobalt and nickel binders. These include micrograin grades for applications requiring exceptional combinations of wear resistance and tensile strength, proprietary chromium-bearing grades for use in highly corrosive environments, and high cobalt binder grades for production tooling applications demanding high toughness and impact strength. Industries served by tungsten carbide products include oilfield services, fluid control, metalforming, pollution control, food processing, metalworking, and waste management.

Tungsten heavy metals are alloys of tungsten, iron, and nickel or copper that are among the densest materials commercially available. Produced by powder metallurgical techniques similar to those employed in the manufacture of cemented carbides, tungsten heavy metal alloys are most frequently used where a heavy weight must be contained in a limited space or vibration must be minimized. These alloys also exhibit superior radiation shielding and beam collimation characteristics.

ZJ Carbide produces all of the alloys covered by the industry standards as well as custom grades to meet special customer requirements. The tungsten heavy metal alloys are available either as semifinished blanks or as precision-machined parts. Applications for the tungsten alloy products are found in the aerospace, automotive, nuclear, medical and industrial radiation shielding, metalworking, oil and gas exploration, and sporting goods industries.