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Precision makes perfect!

Since founded in ever beginning, we has been sparing no efforts to become indispensable in the carbide tools industry. Were much proud of having helped over 200 companies raise their productivities remarkably and cost-efficiently.

Based on our years painstaking course, we attribute our fast growth and enviable reputation to our everlasting gumption in premier quality, considerate service and pioneer innovation! So, our commitments could be summarized as preciseness and excellence

Wisdom, technology and equipment

We re never content with our progress, everyday our resourceful and dedicated technicians are working wholeheartedly for the optimization of our Carbide tools. During the past years, weve been introducing lots of top-level CNC facilities in pressing, sintering, surface treating, inspecting and etc. This is not a place for people comfortable with the status quo., every well-trained member is doing his best to foster an environment in which teamwork is essential, creativity is encouraged, and initiative is rewarded.

ISO Quality guarantee system

High quality products not only come from our meticulousness and first-rate analytical detecting instruments, but also from our well-established ISO quality controlling system


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