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tungsten heavy alloys

Tungsten heavy alloy is a kind of tungsten base alloy, with the composition of nickel, copper,cobalt,molybdenum ,chromium etc.It can be divided into several seires according to its properties and applications, such as W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu,W-WC-Cu etc. Since the density of it can be reach as high as 16.5-19.0/cm3, it's normally called high density alloy.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Applications

Radiation Shielding
Tungsten heavy alloys are excellent materials for shielding and collimation of X and gamma-radiation due to their combination of radiation density, machinability, strength and low toxicity. Tungsten heavy alloy can be supplied as a thin rolled and machined sheet for detector shielding applications, as well as for components sizes 100 kg to 1000 kg for bulk shielding applications. Large isotope containers can be fabricated with complex geometry radial beam ports using “radiation joint” construction.

Aircraft Counterbalances 
Counterbalance, vibration dampening, and ballast weights for fixed and rotary wing aircraft have been used for many years. Tungsten heavy alloys are superior alternatives to lead or depleted uranium weights. Unlike lead that creeps under its own weight at room temperature, tungsten heavy alloys can be securely fastened to the aerostructures. In contrast to depleted uranium, tungsten heavy alloy weights are free from corrosion, special service site licensing requirements, and disposal issues.


• Vibration damping and dynamic   balancing of flight-control surfaces
  • Elimination of unbalanced forces in flight-control devices
  • Centrifugal compensation in propeller blades
  • Gravity-dependent release of ejection seats

• Inertia sensors in anti-g suits
  • Flywheels and balancing weights in gyroscopic flight-monitoring instruments   and systems
  • Controller weights in fuel-monitoring systems
  • Mass-balancing weights in missiles

Well Logging
The high density and metallurgical properties of tungsten heavy alloys make it an excellent casing material for down hole logging of oil wells.


High Stiffness Tooling
The high density, high elastic (Young’s) modulus, and machinability of tungsten heavy alloys make them ideal materials for vibration-free boring bars and long extension toolholders of various configurations. The high density causes effective mass damping of cutting induced vibrations.

Tool Holder Blanks
Tool holders made from tungsten heavy metal perform well in high cutting speeds, larger cutting depths, and faster feeds. They minimize tool chatter, which reduces the machine time.

Heavy-metal holders are especially well suited for grooving tools for small precision grooves. For brazing tools, carbide inserts can repeatedly be brazed-on without grain enlargements in the holder.

Due to their high rigidity (modulus of elasticity) and low vibration, they are suited for:

• Boring bars
  • Toolholder with long overhangs
  • Shanks for grooving tools and carbide inserts
  • Grinding spindles and turning spindles

• Turning and milling draw-in arbors
  • Disk-blade holders for gear-shaping machines
  • Extension shanks
  • Reamer holders

Welding Electrodes
Tungsten heavy alloy is ideal for resistance welding electrodes and clamping jaws used in butt welding of copper wire and other metal forms. 

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